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erlenmeyer flask In your laboratory, the results of your experiments are only as good as your equipment.  The type of equipment in a particular laboratory will vary greatly depending upon the tests and experiments being done by the scientists.  Some tools, such as bunsen burners, microscopes, and nalgene vials are standard in most labs, while other labs have specialty equipment such as calorimeters or spectrophotometers.  Some labs deal primarily with chemicals, while others deal with biological substances.  Each lab is set up differently depending upon its purpose, and the equipment should reflect that purpose.

red microscope
Red Microscope

Safety is paramount in all labs, and scientists go to great lengths to ensure that experiments and tests are conducted in a manner that is safe to all who are involved in the research project.  Typical safety equipment includes measures that dissipate harmful vapors or chemicals, such as fume hoods, as well as equipment that protects the users in case of fire or explosion.  Scientists working with biological substances have safety equipment that prevents them from accidentally coming into contact with dangerous viruses or bacteria.

chemistry lab equipment
Chemistry Lab Equipment

In addition to the equipment actually used for the experiments and tests, the supporting equipment is also considered extremely important.  Laboratory furniture must be safe and functional, and must be able to withstand heat and chemical spills.  It must be comfortable for the scientists to use, as well as sturdy.  Laboratory countertops must have special properties, such as being able to withstand heat and chemical spills.  They must also be easy to clean.

A Lab Technician Adjusts the Flame on a Bunsen Burner

Depending upon the laboratory's use, a variety of other lab equipment may be required.  Seating, storage units, and mobile carts are found in most lab environments, while sinks and faucets are needed in wet labs.

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